Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Our sticker chart has evolved in the last 6 months to include specific tasks that were invoking battles for us each day.  Lila can earn a sticker for getting dressed, eating lunch, taking a nap, being nice to the dog, etc as long as she does those things without arguing.

If she earns all her stickers, she gets to choose a fairy (we did princesses the first round).  In theory, she could earn a fairy a week, but she never earns all the stickers in a day so it generally takes her several weeks to earn her prize.

She earned her first fairy this weekend (after a loooooong month of sticker chasing) and now she's taken to studying her options for her second choice.

Today her method of choice was Einie Miney Mo.  It's the cutest thing.  I love the way she sings it.  I paid attention to how she sings it today and wrote down the way she says it:

Eenie Miney Mo
catch-a tiger bya-stow
bake 'em polish
make him day
my mom said to pick
the very best one
and you are not it!

She got the last part right!  I love that girl.
It is ridiculous that this picture was taken in MAY.

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