Friday, May 31, 2013

Lila's glasses

A few weeks ago, I took Lila to the eye doctor to see if she did, in fact, need glasses.  She did a great job.  She sat still, followed the instructions and was mostly cooperative.  She was so cute and small sitting up in that big chair.
She kind of had a hard time sitting still while we were waiting.

Once things got moving, though she did really well.  She had to go through a couple of different assessments.  I'm not sure what this one was assessing.  It had something to do with the distance at which an object came into focus, I think.

Then, she looked through a book and read the numbers on the pages while covering one eye.  I think this was a color-blindness assessment.

Then came the fancy thing with the different lenses.  This was too much cuteness for me. 
 I texted that picture to my family and the Husband responded with this:

 Then there was some more patient and not at all wiggly waiting.
And then the doctor came in and did a few more assessments of which I didn't get pictures because they involved the lights being out and by that time Faith was snoring in my lap.

He asked her to tell him what letters she saw and she said in the smallest little voice, "An upside-down E and a not upside-down E."  And then he asked about the letters below those E's and she said, "Dere too litt-ow."  (They're too little)  Then he showed her a screen with four pictures.  It had these exact images, but only the man riding the horse, the phone, the bird and the hand.

He asked her to tell him what pictures she saw.  "Dere too litt-ow," she responded.  Then, he rephrased the question: "Which one is your favorite?"

"The ant."

I had to stifle I giggle.  I knew she was talking about the man on the horse, but her answer just cracked me up for some reason.

He did a few more assessments and then told me that Lila is really, really far-sighted!  He said he was surprised because of how near-sighted I am.  I was surprised, too!  To give you an idea of how far-sighted she is, I am legally blind - to see something without my contacts or glasses, I have to literally have it an inch from my face.  My prescription is -7.75.  For near-sightedness, the prescriptions are in the negatives, for far-sightedness they're in the positives.  Lila's prescription is +4.75.  At three years old her eyes are more than half as bad as mine (although on the other side of the spectrum).  The good news is that, where near-sightedness only gets worse as a child grows, far-sightedness improves with age because it is caused by an eye that is "too short" and as the child grows, the eye grows and the vision corrects itself over time.

So, prescription in hand we went to pick out glasses.  This ended up being a little more complicated than I anticipated.  Lila was adamant that they must be pink.  We were adamant that they must be cheap and fit her right.  The Husband wanted her to have hipster glasses.  Lila wanted pink.  I wanted her to have the cheapest ones (anticipating having to replace them multiple times).  Lila wanted pink.  The optometrist (optician? ophthalmologist?)  person who helped us fit Lila's glasses said they had to be small enough for her face otherwise they might do more hard than good if the frames blocked her vision.  Lila wanted pink.  She refused to even try on other colors.  She also refused to let me take a picture of her in any of the options.  I forced this one to get approval from the Husband:
"You can take a picture, but you can't make me smile."
In the end, we found a pair that was cheap not the most expensive, fit her well and were, you guessed it, PINK (although, they look more purple in the picture above).  Glasses can fit perfectly and be reasonably priced, but if a kid doesn't want to wear them, what's the point?

Now for the battle of getting her to keep them on.  I am a little more than paranoid that we are going to lose/break/crush and otherwise render useless these really-not-that-cheap-after-all glasses.

But boy, does she look cute or what?  Aside from the scowl.
She really does not like me taking pictures of her.  And yes, that is the same dress.  And no, these weren't taken on the same day.  She wears that dress multiple times a week.  It's fluffy and twirly and princess-y and that is just her style.

One of these days I'll capture the elusive smile with glasses on!

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