Thursday, May 2, 2013

What we've been up to...

Whew.  It's been awhile and I have every intention to finish our "Getting Our Girl" series soon, but I thought I'd write up a quick update post to get us caught up.  Since my last post:

I turned 30! It was rather anticlimactic because we couldn't leave Faith yet so the big bash I dreamed about with all my favorite people present wasn't really practical.  The Husband turned 30 in February and his birthday was rather uneventful as well so we just decided we're going to celebrate big next year!

We finalized Faith's adoption! In Kansas you have to wait 30 days and have at least two post-placement visits with a social worker before an adoption can be finalized so on Monday April 29th we went to court and promised to love her and care for her as our daughter for the rest of our lives.  We found out the day before that we could invite whoever we wanted, so we made a few last-minute calls and our parents, my grandparents, my sister and our friends Jordanne and Holly and Russell were able to make it!  We were so thankful to have a group of supporters, but I do wish we had more warning because I would have invited the entire world to celebrate with us!  Faith is officially ours and we couldn't be more thrilled.  She is the sweetest little snuggle bug and we are still pinching ourselves that she is home!
Can you even handle the cuteness???
I started back to school.  I took the entire month of April off to be home with Faith and I started back this week for the rest of the school year.  I am grateful to only have a few weeks before the summer.  The Husband is staying home with Faith when I teach (just once a week) so she's in good hands, but I still miss her.

We decided to try to sell our house.  I know.  We're crazy.  We decided that our life didn't have quite enough chaos so we're adding showings and home improvements to the mix.  And since we've already checked numbers 1 and 10 off of our Hopes for the New Year list, we figured we might as well tackle number 5, too!  Actually, we have had our realtor come out each year for the last three years to see where we stand in the current market and we finally have enough margin to try to get out of our house and into a bigger one.  We bought at the worst possible time - right before the market fell apart - so it's a little depressing to do the math on how much we have paid into our house, how much we have spent on some big ticket updates (roof, sewer line, etc) and how much we will lose in the long run.  But since we are expecting at least one more child in our family (our Ethiopian baby - I'm not pregnant!) we feel like we need more room.  We love this little house though, and we will be so sad to leave.

We spent all of last weekend purging and cleaning and organizing so we are feeling like we are getting pretty close.  If you know anyone looking for a house, send them our way!  We aren't officially listed yet - still have a few little things to do - but we can show any interested buyers now.

Pardon me while I shamelessly advertise our house...

The stats:
- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
- 1 car garage
- open floor plan
- hardwoods in living, dining and two bedrooms
- laundry/mud room off master and kitchen with extra pantry space and kitchen storage
- great central location walking distance to grocery, farmer's market, parks, the elementary school and Downtown Overland Park.
- the house was rehabbed in 2006 with updated electrical, refinished hardwoods, opened up some walls and turned the family room into a big master (13'X13') with a full bath and big walk-in closet
- we bought in 2006 and since then we got a new roof, replaced the big picture window in the master, replaced the sewer line, got a new hot water heater, and did a bunch of little updates throughout (ceiling fans, paint, added outlets, added vent fans in the bathrooms, landscaping, etc)
Confession: this picture is from the fall of 2011 for our home study.  I was going to take a picture today but it was SNOWING.  Ugh. Kansas.  For crying out loud - it's MAY.

Living Room: Love our big picture window and that it's open to the dining and kitchen
Living Room view 2

Dining room: built-ins with hidden storage behind them.  Open to the living and kitchen.  The door in the back walks into our bedroom.
Kitchen: Appliances and island can stay if buyer would like.  We replaced the faucet, garbage disposal, stove and dishwasher.  The kitchen is open to the living and dining room.
Laundry/Mudroom: We use this for extra kitchen storage, dry good storage and cleaning supplies

Laundry Room: It's so nice to have it right off our bedroom!  Those cabinets go to the ceiling for lots of bonus storage.
Master bedroom: Lots of light, big closet.  We love that it's separate from the other bedrooms for some extra privacy and space from the kids.  We added a ceiling fan and replaced that big window.  Franny photo-bombed this pic - cute pup not included!

Master Bathroom: There's a bathtub to the left of the sink behind the door.
Lila's room view 1
Lila's room view 2
Faith's room 
The girls' bathroom (I'm standing in the bathtub to take the picture!)
Okay I gotta get to my girls.  Faith is waking up and Lila is sick (although is currently dressed up and fluttering around like Tinkerbell so I think the Tylenol is in effect!) so I am needed!  Pray with me that Faith doesn't catch Lila's cold.  Colds are a bigger deal for babies with Down's syndrome because they have smaller nasal passages so they can have a really hard time breathing.  I am washing Lila's hands every 5 minutes and berating her for getting too close to her sister.  No kissing, no touching, no fun!  This finicky weather isn't doing us any favors either. Boo! No more snow in MAY!  Come on, Kansas!  Get it together!!

Stay tuned for the final installment(s) of our Getting Our Girl series and please spread the word about our house!

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I love your sweet little house! So many fun memories there! EXCITED for your next adventure!! :)