Thursday, June 27, 2013

A break.

We're taking a little break from the housing market.  After I had cleaned the house, packed the kids and the dog into the car in the 100 degree heat, yelled at Lila for not getting buckled like she was supposed to (internally battled myself with one voice that said I should feel guilty for yelling at her and the other voice that said I was justified because FOR THE LOVE she knows the drill and she knows it's not okay to mess around when she's supposed to be getting buckled and then my brain settled the argument with a compromise: I was justified for feeling angry and frustrated, but not for yelling so I apologized to her and explained why I was so frustrated and then she said in the most pathetic voice - just to rub it in - "Yeah.  You shouldn't yell at me."  SIGH.) and just as I pulled into the parking spot at Chick-fil-a I got a call from the showing company that the showing that was supposed to start in 15 minutes - the one for which all the fore-mentioned ado had been necessary - had been cancelled.

"Bad words, bad words, bad words, bad words."  That's what my brain thought.

And then it thought this:

"This is costing too much.  The stress, the heat, the yelling at my kids.  It's not worth it.  It's costing our family too much to try to sell our house right now."

The thing is, we got an offer over the weekend.  A low-ball offer that got our hopes up only to crash them down again.  So we're trying to figure out what our next step is and I just realized that I can't think clearly in all this stress so I called the Husband and said, "We need to take our house off the market for a week so I can think."

And because he's a good and clever man who - after seven years of marriage - knows the tone in my voice that says, "Just agree, okay?  Don't ask questions.  Just say okay" he said, "Okay."

And I called our wonderful agent who has done everything humanly possible to help us sell our house and said, "Please take our house off the market."

And she said, "Okay."

And I feel so much better.  Because I know that I get to STAY HOME ALL DAY TOMORROW IF I WANT TO.  Those capital letters?  That's my introverted self talking.  I just want to stay home in my pajamas all day and not make the bed.  I want to make the kids lunch and not immediately clean up the dishes.  I want to give that vacuum cleaner a rest and only empty the trash bags when they're full.  I want to actually LIVE in my house.

We still want to move.  But we just need to pray about how and where and when that can and should happen.  So we're taking a break.

In other news, we went to Minnesota last weekend for one of my college roommate's wedding and it was so fun!  We were all a little exhausted and the joke was that out of the four of us, Faith acted the least like a baby.  The three of us who aren't babies were pretty emotional and whiny and pathetic at certain points in the weekend, but Faith was just all smiles and coos.  And snot.  Because guess what?  The girl caught her sister's cold AGAIN.  But this time we were armed with a nebulizer so things didn't fall apart the way they did the last time.  Phew.  Still, I'm ready - for her sake - for her to be better.  Poor thing is her version of miserable which is a normal person's mildly cranky.  She's a trooper, that one.  We are grateful for a happy baby!

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Sarah B said...

UGH! trying to sell your house with little ones, in the heat and just at all- is the WORST! i feel your pain on wanting to just live in your house. i'm glad you took it off the market to just breathe and live a little bit- I will be eager to hear what your next steps will be! You can do this!