Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A few (okay, a lot to several) things

- Faith is a fan of carrots and sweet potatoes.  She has mixed feelings about pears.

- Lila got a new bike.  A friend gave us a bike, but it needed new tires so we took it to the bike store and found out that getting new tires would cost us nearly as much as buying a new bike from Target.  One thing led to another and we came home with this little gem.

Lila was a little hesitant at first.  She pulled a Phoebe the first day or so and only wanted to walk the bike around, but now that she found the courage to actually ride it she lives and breathes and dreams that bike.  We added the horn and bell.  The horn broke already.  I'm not sad about that.

- Can I tell you how enthused I am that the bike does not have princesses on it?  Never mind the fact that it is girly as all get out.  There are no princesses on it.  None.  Well, except Lila just informed me that the girl on it is a princess, soooooo.  There are no Disney princesses on it.  Which is a step in the right direction if you ask me.  I'm over princesses.  We needed a break because sometimes I'd try to talk to Lila and she wouldn't respond unless I called her Rapunzel.  That is the official sign that a little girl has watched too many princess movies.

- Her helmet, however, does have Disney princesses on it.  But I was willing to compromise on that one since the princesses make her actually want to wear it.  In fact, she wears it even when she's not riding her bike.  The other day she wore it in the car on the way to Target.  I think people driving by thought I was a neurotic over-protective mom.  She was quite the sight to see.

- Faith thinks I'm hilarious.  She's probably right.

- It's really hard to get a good picture of both girls together.  What with Faith's wiggly-ness and Lila's glasses glaring.

- Lila requires multiple outfit changes each day.  Some are due to her ever-changing whims, but most are due to her complete lack of care to avoid dirt, water, food, grass stains and the occasional unidentifiable substance (ew).  Somehow I managed to birth a child who is exactly 50% girly-girl and 50% tomboy.  She'll keep the boys guessing, that's for sure.

- Faith is on hour four of a nap today.  I should wake her up, but I am enjoying this moment of quiet (the older one is outside with Daddy).

- Sometimes when I'm trying to get the kids out of the house for a showing I will let Lila play on my phone so that I can clean up without her following me around undoing all my hard work.  The other day I turned on my phone to find this little creation:
Those dogs and cats look really guilty and my guess is they know they're gonna get it for getting paw prints all over the place.  My favorite part is the strawberry with the checkered flags sticking out the top.  And the random lemon.  And the earth thrown in for good measure.

- Today at lunch Lila was driving me nuts.  She kept poking me, putting her feet on me, leaning on me and just generally ignoring all normal rules of personal space observed by polite society (three-year-olds excluded, I guess).  I finally said, "Lila!  You have to leave me alone!  I'm trying to eat my lunch!"  And she said, "But, I love you and I just want your attention!"  I mean.  What else could I do but scoop her up and kiss her face and give her what she wanted?  I told her, "If you use your words and ask like that instead of annoying the crud poking and hitting and kicking Mommy, I will almost always give you attention because I love you, too!"

- Faith has started to squirm her way out of her swaddle.  I'll check the monitor and see her waving at me through the video monitor.  Actually, she's usually just watching her own hand float in front of her face with a bemused expression that says, "I'm gonna keep my eye on that thing.  It looks suspicious."

- One last thing.  Eat your heart out:


LA said...

1. The glasses glare- its a real problem. But once she has had them for a while you will notice it goes away in pics- because you will just learn to avoid it and get back to seeing those beautiful eyes through the glasses in pictures.
2. That picture of faith. Reminds me of baby Emmaus. The unbridled joy. There really is NOTHING better. I kinda love her a lot.

Sarah B said...

I about fainted from all of the cuteness in this post! Seriously! Also, your sweet post about your grandma made me cry and miss mine. Loved every word of it- what a legacy! Carry on good mama!

Katy said...

beautiful girls, both of them. I would love and come see you sometime!!