Monday, June 17, 2013

Faith Baby learned a new trick

We started at a new "school" for Faith this week and I am in love.  We go once a week for physical therapy and once a week for "baby class."  Baby class consists of 30 minutes of music therapy (and swim therapy once a month) and an hour of class time together with other moms of babies with special needs during which we get speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy.  Our class is all babies with Down's syndrome, but there are other classes that have babies with different diagnoses and needs.

Let me tell you something.  Even if I didn't have a baby with Down's syndrome, that room would be my happy place.  Those babies just wooed me instantly with their excited clapping and raspberry blowing.  Heaven will be full of babies with Down's syndrome, I tell you.

Our class has five babies in it - 3 of which are right around Faith's age and 2 are a few months older.  It's really nice to have babies a bit older so Faith can learn from the older babies and so I can be encouraged that sitting, clapping and babbling is just around the corner for her.  Faith is already learning things in her class.  I had hoped she would be learning things like sitting and crawling and finger feeding.  But instead, she has taken it upon herself to master the raspberry blowing that her little friends were expertly demonstrating.

It pretty much cracks me up.  I'm sure at some point it will get annoying, but right now I find it hilarious.  She employs her new trick in any number of situations - when she's bored, happy, mad, protesting something, or tired.  Just now, I rocked her to sleep and as I was putting her in bed she let out a little sleepy raspberry and I had to run out of the room before I woke her up with my giggles.

Also Faith's hair is getting out of control.  It's reminiscent of Lila's guinea pig hair.  It's especially poofy after a bath, but it sort of poofs off to her right side.  This picture shows it in all it's glory.

And while we're at it, I might as well show you the blooper reel of this photo shoot:

Turns out my hair isn't all that under control itself.  That's what happens when you don't shower, I guess.  Hmmm.  Maybe I should shower.

Anyway... Faith.  Faith is continuing to eat better and better.  She is doing great with her solids and is taking bigger bottles at a time which I consider a true miracle.  She is becoming more of a baby and less of an infant every day.  It's so wonderful to see her making progress.  We have a weight check appointment on Wednesday and I am hoping that we will finally have some numbers on the scale to prove her progress.

We can no longer swaddle Faith for sleep.  The last few mornings I have found her rotated 180 degrees in her crib and for nap today she managed to catapult herself onto her tummy and I nearly had a heart attack when I found her face down in the mattress.  I prayed that all-too-familiar prayer of "Thank you for filling in the gaps" as I scooped her up and tried to push the emotions of what could have happened out of my head.  No more swaddle for that baby!

One last thing.  One of college roommates sent Faith a soft bunny which I've decided will be her "Lambie."  She already gave it her stamp slobber of approval:

Love me some Faith baby!

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