Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We had a long, fun, full weekend

The kind of weekend that makes you feel like you need a weekend to recover from it.  Here's what we did:

Thursday was, of course, the 4th of July.  Faith did great.  I was kind of afraid she'd freak out with all the people and loud noises, but she mostly just stared wide-eyed around and then fell asleep.
Lila refuses to take a normal picture. 
Lila was hilarious, once again.  My parents were both sick so they stayed home and I entertained them by texting them everything Lila said.  It was a continuous commentary and there were times I could not text fast enough.

If you had been sitting next to us, this is what you would have overheard:

"They're not getting us, they're just scooting a little."
"That's a very rainbow one!"
"I can't believe it!"
"Where's my bracelet? Oh here it is!  I thought the fireworks took my bracelet!"
"Tell me if you see a fishy!" (The Husband had been saying, "Tell me if you see a red/blue/white/green one" to keep her engaged and not freaked out)
"That's very high!  I wish I was a firework like that!"
"That's my favorite!  The pink one.  And the sparkle one.  And the rainbow one."
"Whoa that's very big!  It's more like a giant!"
"Christmas ones!" (red and green ones)
"See those sparkles?  That's from the rainbow one."
"I wonder if they're happy."
"They like to be loud!"
"That one makes reeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!"
"Those are lots of lots!  There's very lots of fireworks making that noise!"
"That's my favorite sparkle one!  And that's my other favorite!"
"Nana!  These are just loud fireworks!" Then, to us, "I'm talking to Nana."  (Nana was back at the house with my youngest nephew who was asleep.)
"They're very boomy!"
"Are the fireworks over?" (The very second the last one sizzled away, she asked that)
"That was fun!"

I was - by far - more entertained by Lila's commentary than any of the fireworks.  That kid is a riot.

Friday night, the Husband and Lila camped out in the backyard.  I totally expected them to end up back in the house halfway through the night, but they made it all night!  Lila had her first s'mores experience using the chiminea we had borrowed from my parents' house to stage our patio when our house was on the market.

I was certain that the house was going to catch on fire.  I'm not kidding.  I honestly was looking around the house thinking, "I'd save that and that and that" and making a game plan of how to get Faith out safely and quickly.

Admittedly, I do have a bit of a fire phobia.  It stems from seeing a made for TV movie that a babysitter was watching when I was little in which a dad lights his son on fire (just googled it, I'm pretty sure it's this movie) and maybe also seeing the fire safety video they showed us in 4th grade where an entire house burns to the ground in a few minutes.  And then the irrational fear escalated into a full-blown phobia when our dryer caught on fire when we were sleeping one night.  I had recurring nightmares in which I was trapped in a burning building and couldn't get out or my family was trapped and they couldn't get out.  So, Future Therapist, that is the origin of my irrational fear of fire.  Anyway, when I looked out the window and saw this:

I was all, "Hey, Husband.  Don't burn the house down, okay?"
And he was all, "It's a chiminea.  They're designed to keep the heat and flames in the belly."
And I was all, "It doesn't seem to be doing a great job and that one is really, really old.  I think you're going to burn our house down."
And he was all, "I'm an Eagle Scout, honey." (He didn't actually say that, but that was the look he gave me.)
And I was all, "I reserve the right to say 'I told you so' when you burn the house down.  I'm going inside to take pictures for insurance purposes."

And then I went inside and prayed that our house would still be standing in the morning because I think it would look a little suspicious if, after having it on the market and not being able to sell, our house mysteriously burned down.  I mean, if I was an insurance adjuster I think I'd look into the validity of that claim.

Turns out, my Eagle Scout knew what he was doing.  But that didn't stop me from texting him one last time before I went to sleep, "Did you double check that the fire was out?"

He didn't respond to me.  Because he was already asleep.  And I didn't sleep very well.

At 6:30 they were both up and at 'em and when I asked Lila what she did all morning when I got up a few hours later she said, "Eat donuts."  And when I asked the Husband what she had eaten that day he said, "Donuts."  So I said, "So she stayed up until 11:00pm, woke up at 6:30am and all she's eaten today is donuts?"  He nodded.  I gave him a meaningful look that said, "We are going to have a sugar crash in about ten minutes and it ain't gonna be pretty and I'm going to blame you."

But really, I am so grateful that Lila has a Daddy who will do fun things with her like camp out in the backyard.  And I'm so grateful that the Husband has a daughter who is game for that kind of thing because, if you hadn't guessed already, I don't really like nature and the idea of sleeping on the ground with nothing but thin sheet of nylon separating you from the bugs and animals and elements sounds like another version of my childhood nightmares.  Only this time instead of being trapped in a burning building, I'm trapped in a tiny tent with a mosquito buzzing around my head and a bear rummaging through the trashcans ten feet away.  Yes, in my nightmares there are bears in the Kansas suburbs.

Just say no to camping.

Say yes to cute babies.

Hi, Faith.  You're the best.
Saturday morning, our besties from Manhattan came in town so we got to play with them for a bit and then Saturday night we brought dinner to our friends who had just had a baby.

Sunday we took the girls to their first Royals game.  My dad's friend had awesome company seats that he let us use and it ruined me for all other baseball experiences.  We rotated through sitting four rows behind home plate, a table in the air conditioned lounge and the kids' play area.

Pay no attention to my hat hair in the next photo.  Just look at Lila's silly face.  What did I tell ya?  Cannot take a normal picture.  I'm really ready for her to get bored with that new trick.

The Royal's stadium has a bunch of activities for kids to do.  Lila got to hit a few balls and run the bases at the "Little K" and she was the CUTEST.

The Husband got Lila a (pink) baseball and glove and Lila and Pop practiced playing catch while we cooled off in the air conditioned lounge.  I mean, the CUTEST.
She made this face every time my dad tossed her the ball.
While we took Lila to the kids' stuff for the second round, Faith and my dad had some bonding time:
I think Pop is enjoying himself.
It's a good thing there were a lot of other things to entertain us because the Royals lost miserably.  As is the tradition of Kansas City professional sports teams.

I totally didn't expect to make it through the whole game, but we did!  And then we all came home and took naps.  Because we were pooped.  And now my introverted self wants to just stay inside for about two weeks and pretend like we aren't home.  My extroverted daughter, however, woke up yesterday morning and said, "Who's coming over today?"

Daniel Tiger.  That's who.  Mommy's going back to bed.

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