Tuesday, August 20, 2013

End of the summer recap (yet another post with bullet points)

First of all, Faith says HI:

Okay.  Now that we've taken care of that we can move forward.

I say this every summer, but this summer flew by!  I think it didn't help that the entire month of June was a blur of showings and cleaning the house and stressing about showings and cleaning the house.  I'm so glad we took the house of the market and that I didn't spend our entire summer stressing about showings and cleaning the house.  We've packed more in the last few weeks than we did all summer!  Here's what we've been doing the last few weeks:

- Lila took swim lessons from one of my co-teachers, Mrs. Kirby.  Mrs. Kirby is awesome - she's fun and disarming and moves at a fast pace so that the kids don't have time to think about being scared.  Lila learned so much and I think she'll really take off next summer.  The only slightly traumatic moment was when she got "water in my breath" and then refused to get back in the pool.  Good thing the lesson was mostly over! She talked about getting water in her breath the rest of the day.  It must have scared her enough to leave a lasting impression.

- We have Faith's next appointment to figure out her hearing problems scheduled for October 15th - the earliest they could get us in! (groan)  Interestingly enough, she started babbling more the weekend after the first appointment so I'm at least encouraged that she's making some progress.  The audiologist at the last appointment did mention something about the possibility that she may not be big enough/old enough to get tubes in her ears yet anyway, but it still irks me that we have to wait to figure out the problem when waiting just means two more months of her not hearing well and that contributing to other delays.  I'm trying to chill out about it and not fixate on the wait.  I am grateful we even have a children's hospital close by and one that has a Down syndrome clinic at that!  The audiologist referred us to a specific ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat doc) that, I assume, works with a lot of kids with DS.

- Faith's favorite thing to do when I'm trying to feed her is put her toes in her mouth.  It's really unhelpful because 1) I can't get the spoon in her mouth and 2) if she puts her toes in there after I've given her a bite, then they get caked in her food and the food ends up spread across the walls, me and the end of her high chair.  Exhibit A:

- If you follow my sister on Instagram, you've already read this exchange between Lila and me that I texted to my family.  The other day I was walking toward Faith's room and Lila must have thought I was going in her room because she yelled, "Don't go in my room!"

Me: Why?
Lila: Becaaaaaaaaause...I want you to go in Faith's room!
Me: Well now I'm going to go in your room.
Lila: But!
Me: Why don't you want me to go in here?
Lila: I put cereal on my night light.

Why?  Why did she put cereal on her night light?  Why did she think she was going to be in trouble for it?  Why did she think I would even notice the cereal?  These are the questions we will never have an answer to.  The mind of a 3.5 year old befuddles.

- We've been trying to enjoy the awesome weather we've been having and the last few days of summer (I start teacher meetings tomorrow. Boo!) so we went to the Plaza this weekend to walk around (and to check out the on sale hardware at Anthropologie for a dresser we're re-doing for Lila's dress-up clothes!).  We stopped by the JC Nichols fountain and the Husband and Lila dipped their feet in while I sat grossed out by the amount of goose poop that covered every inch of concrete. 

- I woke up Sunday morning and found this little set-up that the Husband and Lila had created.
We came home from the Plaza and I saw that we'd left the Lambies set up and they were waiting to greet us:

One of my favorite things about having a three-year-old is finding little scenes set up around the house. I'm constantly finding princesses tucked behind pillows, babies tucked into bed under the table, animals hiding behind curtains and Lambie in any number of situations and locations.  I love the glimpse into her mind and creativity.  It's the best.

- Today, as a final hurrah before the school year kicks in tomorrow, we invited a few of Lila's friends to join us at Deanna Rose Farmstead for the morning.  I love our city.  Our house in particular is perfectly located and we can get into Downtown Kansas City and out to the farmland of Olathe and Gardner within 15-20 minutes.  I'm sure every city has little gems that are free and well-run and kid-friendly and the farmstead is one of those awesome things in our city.  It's free Monday-Thursday and has a ton of farm animals to pet and feed (chickens, bunnies, pigs, ponies, cows, horses, goats, geese, ducks, other birds, etc) plus awesome playgrounds and fun activities.  The farmstead has been there since I was a little girl and it was cool then (they used to have a peacock and my sister and I would stand at the cage for forever waiting for it to drop a feather...never once did it happen, but we were committed and vigilant nonetheless), but they have done a ton of renovations and expansions and it's awesome now!

Lila's buddies Ruby, Iris and Mira joined us (along with little siblings) and they had a blast (except for the time when Lila had a meltdown due to hunger and thirst and heat and yet refused to eat or drink that wasn't so awesome).
"milking" the buckets in the cow barn

feeding the baby goats (Mira had a particularly aggressive goat following her around and she kept saying, "Not you, Big One!" and trying to give her bottle to the littler goats)

working hard in the school house

I wish I could remember what Mira said she drew.  It was hilarious.

And then this one got jealous that I was taking a picture of Mira's work and decided she wanted to pose, too.
I pushed Faith to the limit and she cried the whole way home.  I felt so bad.  It's hard to get her that upset.  Good news is she perked right up with a bottle and when I put her in bed for her nap she just rolled over and fell asleep.

Lila was pooped, too and we all took naps this afternoon.  Lila woke up and immediately asked me, "Mommy, is Lambie still wet?"  I didn't know what she was talking about and she proceeded to explain that Lambie had fallen into the pond and I had to get her out because it was a "grown-up pond" and little girls couldn't go in.  I asked her if she'd had a dream about that and she was adamant it had actually happened.  She kept telling me another detail and then saying, "Do you remember now, Mommy?"  She got really mad at me when I refused to admit it had actually happened.  Evidently, it was snowing and Lila was walking backwards and not paying attention and Lambie "splashed" in the pond.  Mrs. Kirby was there and held Faith for me while I went into the pond to retrieve Lambie.

"Do you remember now, Mommy?"
"Nope.  I think that was a dream, honey."

There was no convincing her so I finally changed the subject and offered her a snack.  

I'm off to bed.  I caught Faith's cold (it seems like we're sick every other week around here and it's not even winter!) so I'm tuckered out and have to be up early-ish tomorrow.  Picture me with a tissue stuck up my nose, moaning pathetically while the Husband cleans the kitchen for me.  He's the best.

Um, look what I just noticed!
Almost 100,000 page views! That is crazy to me!  Who's gonna be my 100,000th page view??

Okay, for real.  Going to bed.  Goodnight.

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