Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just in case you were dying to hear Faith's voice...

She gets really talkative around lunch time.  For a girl who doesn't like her bottle, she's pretty passionate about eating.  If the Husband starts preparing her food in front of her and has to get up to get something she panics and yells at him as if to say, "Get back here!  You have an important task you are neglecting! I'm HUNGRYYYYYYY!"

Whenever people say she's getting chubby I say, "Thank you!  We work hard for those rolls!"  It's true.  I have a new sympathy for my friends who have food battles with their kids.  It's frustrating when you can't get your kids to do something that will nourish and restore them (if you've read any of my posts about Lila's nap battles you'll know I speak from experience!)  I am so grateful that Faith loves to eat from a spoon.  We're still working on drinking.  She has a few fancy therapy cups that we try often but she just likes to play with them and let the water spill idly out of her mouth.  Meal times require outfit changes on a regular basis, but we'll get there.

"If you're not gonna feed me I'm going to eat the strap to this high chair."
Oh man, that's one cute baby.

In other news, Lila has discovered vibrato and it's awesome.  Video to come...

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