Thursday, August 22, 2013

T-shirt SALE!

Well, we are officially sold out of our Africa tees.  We had one lingering teeny-tiny small that we recently sold and that was the last of them.  I get emails every once in awhile asking if we plan on printing more and honestly, I'd consider it if we didn't still have a ton of the other designs sitting in tubs in our garage my parents' basement.

We were given the tees by some friends who used to own half of a t-shirt company so we had limited inventory to begin with.  The guy who is now the principal owner of the company has offered to sell me the printing rights to the design if I wanted to print more, but again we still have all of the other tees.  Sitting.  In tubs.

And then I had an idea.  A major SALE for the tees we have left in an attempt to 1) get rid of them and 2) make enough to potentially pay for another order of Africa tees! Hooray!

So, here's the deal.  These shirts are really great quality.  They are printed on super soft American Apparel tees which will run you around $20 retail.  We've been selling them $15 each or 2 for $20.  I am cutting the price in half and you can now get one t-shirt for $7 or two for $10.  Three or more $4 each!  What a deal!*

But wait!  There's more!  (Insert cheesy infomercial smile here)

If you buy three or more tees I will also add your name to a puzzle piece for our long-neglected puzzle fundraiser!

Because the tees were donated to us, we get 100% of the sales which will go directly into our adoption fund/to buy more Africa tees if we seem to have enough interest.
I might be doped up on Mucinex right now which is why this graphic is a little dopey.

We are now number 46 (I think) on the Ethiopia wait list and I realized that we may get a referral for our Ethiopia baby within the year (!) which made me realize we need to kick back into fundraising gear!  We have quite a bit to raise for that adoption, but after Faith's adoption I have no doubt it will come!  It's odd to be thinking about that adoption again/already when Faith hasn't even been home 6 months, but we have been working on updated our dossier documents that expire soon so it's been on our mind more than usual.  We are hitting that stage in the game where our baby might actually be in utero!  Our agency won't refer us a child until Faith has been home a year (thank goodness!) so we have at least that long to wait.  What I tried to believe before Faith came into our lives and know for a fact now (but still easily forget) is that God's timing is always perfect.  Just like everyone says it is.  Even if it did make me want to punch them in the face when they said that.

So, anyway, buy a t-shirt!  Or two!  Or three!  Or FOUR!

As a reminder, the shirts run small so you probably want a size up from what you would normally wear.  My tween nieces love the women's smalls (I have given them their choice of tee for the last few birthdays and Christmases and they wear them until the wear thin!) so that should give you an idea of the starting point for sizes.

Email me with questions!  For sizes and additional info, click the picture of the t-shirt on the right sidebar.  To order, click the "Donate" button underneath that picture.

Make Way!

*Please note, a $3 shipping charge will be added to all orders that need to be mailed.  If you are in Kansas City we can arrange a pick-up or drop off of your t-shirt order.

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