Monday, September 30, 2013

Faith's Birthday, aka, The Time Lila Ate Ice Cream with Her Hands

This weekend was awesome.  And exhausting.  Introvert Kelsey wants to find a cave somewhere and camp out there for a couple of weeks.  But Mommy Kelsey has two small people who want me with them every waking minute of the day.  And not only with them, but touching them and talking to them and getting things for them.  And the bigger small person needs a serious attitude re-alignment.  We've found ourselves in that place again to which big transitions and out-of-the-ordinary events bring us.  The place created by lots of little bits of extra grace for the aforementioned transitions and out-of-the-ordinary events, but that grace ends up coming back to bite you in the behind because grace also equals loose boundaries and loose boundaries are a three-year-old's playground.  So now we have to squeeze the boundaries back in place so that we all feel safe and sane.

Basically, we're in Behavior Bootcamp.  It's the necessary regimen that the aftermath of things like birthdays and holidays and new preschools and Not-Summer requires.  Faith, being the Babiest of Babies, is perfect and needs no extra training (yet).  However Big Sis needs, among other things, a swift kick in the pants and lots and lots and lots of "look at my eyes" and "stop doing that" and "time out" and "One...Twooooooooo..." and no mercy.  Except yes, mercy, but in smaller doses than what I had been doling it out.  

Faith-baby's birthday party was a smashing success.  I think.  I'm not sure I was entirely "there" because of all the stress and chaos and excitement and people.  But people seemed happy and First Mama and Baba seemed happy and Faith seemed over-stimulated and fell asleep in my dad's arms.  And Lila, well, she ate two strawberries and some ice cream for lunch soooooo, that should tell you something about a) how distracted and stressed I was and b) how the rest of the day went (not all that swimmingly, if you can believe it).  
This is when she was scooping the ice cream out of the cone with her fingers.
My sweet friend, Jenae, took pictures for us (a last-minute miracle!) so I'll post more details about the party when I get the pictures back from her, but for now I'll just say it was Beautiful Cultural Chaos and the room was full of people who love us and love our girl and what else could we ask for?  Also, First Mama kept putting crab legs onto my plate and demanding that I "Eat! Eat!" while I just laughed and made eyes at the Husband to "GET YOUR BOTTOM OVER HERE AND HELP ME EAT SOME OF THIS!" (He pretended like he didn't know what my eyes were saying, but HE KNEW.)

I keep asking people who were there if they thought it went okay because really, REALLY, I have no earthly idea.  I was sort of having an out-of-body experience the whole time because there were so many x factors that I didn't know how to manage it.  

Time for some math:

2 Birth parents + 5 Kahlers +11 Kautzis + 7 Chinese friends + 4 American friends + 11 kids + lots of food + 2 languages being spoken + THE Kirby Merrill + 17 balloons (I put the Husband on balloon duty - it was kind of like when Monica put Phoebe on cup and ice duty) + 100 other restaurant patrons = 162 kinds of stress for this mama.

And things like this kept happening: 
Caught in the act after I forbid her from having cake until she ate some real food.
Also, it was a miracle that everyone found the restaurant because I told half the people the wrong restaurant name.  Details Schmetails.

Anyway, we are trying to take it easy today before we're back in to the scheduled part of the week (preschool, therapy, my job, etc).  I told a friend that I feel like life has me on the spin cycle.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are a blur and it's all I can do to remember to brush my teeth by the time Friday rolls around.  Add in things like extravagant first birthday parties and we're lucky that I remember to feed the children!  I'm hoping that another week or so will help me get my bearings for our new routine.  In the meantime, I'm doing my best to stay sane and be kind to my big kid despite my waning resources.  

And Faith, her Royal Cuteness, will continue to do what she does best: be awesome.  Look at her in all her one-year-old awesomeness - sitting up and everything!
The hair.  Oh, the hair.

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