Monday, September 16, 2013

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Let's start with this:

That's right.  That's my girl.  She's a looker, that one.  I thought I'd start the post off with the lighter side of life since my last few posts have been pretty intense and because this one's not exactly going to be a party.  Cue Lila wearing a Rapunzel wig that has seen better days.

Also this:
She's thinking, "I'm going to get a rash where?  EVERYWHERE?"

That's right, Faith Baby has Hand Foot and Mouth disease.  Lila had it when a few summers ago, but hers came as part of a triple-whammy with strep throat and scarlet fever so I'm not sure which of the three caused her the most pain.  All I remember is that she was miserable.

Faith's rash is presenting more typically HFM with a rash around her mouth, blisters on her lips and tongue and inside of her cheeks, a rash on her arms and legs, the palms of her hands, her wrists and ankles.  Pretty much everywhere.  And she's miserable.  Well, as miserable as her sunny little disposition allows.  The worst part is how restless she is at night.  None of us slept last night.  Except Lila, so you do that math.  Here I'll help you:

Miserable baby + grumpy and exhausted Mommy + sleep-deprived Daddy + hyper and well-rested preschooler = Problems.

And now it's time for the Good News/Bad News game:

Good News: We all took naps this afternoon
Bad News: We all took naps this afternoon so Lila wasn't ready for bed until 10:00

Good News: We got a clear diagnosis on Faith's rash so we know what we're dealing with
Bad News: The treatment is treat for pain with ibuprofen and wait it out

Good News: The Husband took the day off today
Bad News: That means he can't take the day off on Wednesday when I need someone to watch Faith while I'm at school

Good News: Lila has preschool tomorrow so I only have to deal with a sick baby, not a sick baby AND a wild three-year-old
Bad News: Lila will likely be exhausted tomorrow and I'll be forced to decide between keeping her awake to guarantee an early bedtime and giving her a nap to guarantee I don't pull all my hair out

Good News: This too shall pass.

Let's leave it at that.  Happy Monday!

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