Friday, September 6, 2013

scenes from Friday

We are pooped from this week.  It always takes me awhile to readjust to the new schedule of the fall and this year we have Lila's preschool and Faith's therapy to get used to in addition to my part time teaching job.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be busy and exhausting so I'm planning on reserving my Fridays for recuperating.  

That means we let the baby sleep as long as she can, watch an extra show or two in the morning, stay in our jammies as long as possible, maybe have lunch with Daddy, and I allow Lila to play without following her around telling her to clean up.  That last one will take some adjustment because I have spent the last year or so training myself and Lila to clean up before we move on to something else.  We (all of us) seem to all carry the same clutter gene which means we have to be really intentional about putting things away or our house becomes a map of the activities of the week.  Spilled milk here from Wednesday morning when I was hurrying to get to school and realized the milk carton was leaking.  The empty paper towel roll there from earlier this week.  Lila's toys scattered hither and thither.  A trail of Faith's toys that she managed to drag along with her as she rolled and "crawled" around the living room.  The Target and Chipotle receipts I emptied onto the table when I was looking for something in my purse.  You get the picture.  A week like this one and things really get out of hand, and sometime around Thursday at 4:00 I start to feel claustrophobic and twitchy about the messes that seem to be growing all on their own.  It would be tempting to wake up Friday with a to-do list making up for the week's distracted carelessness, but that would just add more stress to our already taxed bodies and minds.

And the thing is, "a week like this one" is going to be the usual from now on so I have to figure out how to survive and thrive despite the big adjustments in our schedules.   So Friday is our sabbath, if you will.  And if you won't, we will anyway.  I'm going to ignore the mess and be present to play and recuperate.  It's Friday and therefore I refuse to snap at Lila over piddly little things.  I choose to remember that she's exhausted and I'm exhausted and less than 24 hours ago I was wiping away my tears as I wrote about how much I missed having her in the house.  It's Friday and we made it through week one of our new emotionally and time-demanding schedule.  It's Friday and I'm hanging up my usual control-freak hat and letting my kid be a kid.  

And that means coming to grips with the fact that this is what my house will likely look like on Fridays:

 Lots of messes.  Lots of chores left half-done.  But hopefully lots of smiles and rest for our girls.

And, if I'm lucky, maybe a nap for Mommy, too.

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Sarah B said...

Love this post- very inspiring for me. I'm going to try and figure out how to build in some sabbath time for us over here too! Great job, mama! You can do it!