Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Louisburg Cider Mill

Did I say I was going to tell you about our weekend on Monday?  I meant Tuesday.  Tuesday.  You sillies.

We took advantage of the good weather this weekend and visited the Louisburg Cider Mill and pumpkin patch.  Last year we considered forking out the $8 per person for the extra stuff, but decided that it wasn't worth the money for a two-year-old's attention span.  This year we decided to go for it and it was totally worth it.  Lila went bananas.  She loved every inch of that place.

Lila loved the hayride ("We're riding on HAY!").  I asked the guy sitting across from us to snap a picture of us and he took ONE.  I thought surely someone would be blurry or blinking or not smiling, but it turned out really well.

I tried to get a few more pictures, but Faith was more interested in the shoes of the kid who was sitting next to me.  This was the best picture of the bunch. 

Lila and I were more cooperative.

Except when she wasn't.

The hayride stopped halfway around the field at a hill with two slides.  If you can call them slides.  They were the farm version of ghetto.

Before I could say "feet first" Lila had already gone down the slide twice.  No guts, no glory.

Then I sent the Husband down with both girls.
The looks on their faces should tell you a little bit about their personalities.  Lila = overjoyed.  Faith = unimpressed.
I sent my grandma the following video and she said her "heart was in her throat" watching it.  Grandma, if you had been there you would have been gasping the whole time!

After we dragged Lila away from the giant white plastic boards - I mean "slides" - we tackled the corn maze.  Lila took on navigation duties until the Husband decided he was done following our three-year-old in blind circles.
Only after we got home did we find out that the maze was actually pretty impressive.  They carve a different theme into the fields every year to create the maze.  Here's an aerial shot from the website:

After the maze, Lila scaled the hay bales while I took a break to feed Faith.

Faith had a bemused expression on her face most of the day.  Kind of like this:

I think she was a little over-stimulated.  I was glad we decided to spend the money to do the fun stuff.  We already declared that we want to go back next year.  It's officially a Kautzi family tradition.

Strangely, we didn't think to get the cliche kids-sitting-with-pumpkins picture so I'll throw in one from a few years ago just so we can look at how little and cute Lila was.
Little Lila and her buddy Camille.  Look how little!
I hope my kids remember these things.  But even if they don't, these are the things that will stick in our memories.  I'll remember the blue sky, the perfect weather, the bold confidence of my first born and the sheer adorableness of my baby.  I'll remember having dorky conversations about Harry Potter with the Husband while wandering through the corn maze.  I'll remember that feeling of sharing an common experience with a wider community - even if they were complete strangers.  And I'll be thankful.  Because I have been given so many lovely things.  

Wow. This post took a turn for the sappy.  Sorry about that!  Ha.  And it's already quite long, so I'll be back tomorrow with the update on Faith's hearing.  Spoiler alert: it looks like surgery is in our future.  Boo.

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