Friday, November 22, 2013


When I pick Lila up from preschool I try to ask her about her day.

What did you do in school?  I dunno.

Did you read books?  Yeah.

Did you sing any songs? Yeah.

What songs? I don't remember.

Did you paint?  No.

Who did you sit by at lunch?  Nicholas.

Who did you play with?  Nicholas.

Who do you want to invite to your birthday party? Nicholas.

Why do you like Nicholas?  He's soooo funny! 
(I tell her to watch out, because that's how they getcha.  Well, at least that's how the Husband got me.)

The last few weeks, all I hear about is Nicholas.  And then last week, as I was checking out the new bulletin board, I saw this:


So I've been keeping my eye on Nicholas.  He seems like an okay fella.  His mom reports that Nicholas likes Lila's long blond hair.

I've been thinking Lila needs a haircut.

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Leslie F said...

This post made me laugh out loud! Trust me when I say that mothers of boys worry about the same things. My "Nicholas" is named Ben and he is now 17, but I remember the day I walked into the two-year-old room to pick him up from day care and he had his arm wrapped around his "Lila" - her name was Jennifer and he "yiked huh betuz she gots yong yeyyow haiw." GULP! Maybe you need to cut it AND dye it! The current "Lila/Jennifer" in his life is a very nice, very intelligent 16-year-old with dark brown hair - sporting a large patch of brilliant blue which is pushed savagely across the left side of her face. Strangely enough, it doesn't bother me - I mean, if the worst thing about her is the color of her hair, we're ahead of the game, right?