Friday, November 22, 2013


Did I care that I had to wash the plates again? Nope.
Did I care that I kept tripping over plates and animals whenever I had to cross the kitchen? A little.
Do I care that my floor is filthy? Not enough to do anything about it.
Did I have to stifle a laugh when she cried because the real dog messed up her plates? Mmm hmm.
Did Faith find endless joy banging the plates around? Yes.
Did Lila find endless joy in Faith's endless joy?  She did not.
Did Lila get a time out for being unkind to her sister for messing up her plates? Oh yeah.
Was she able to recover, forgive and rebuild?  With coaxing.
Was it worth it? You bet.

These little scenes are why I love having an almost-four-year-old.  Despite the drama.

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Katy said...

SO sweet!! You are so blessed!!
Have a great Thanksgiving!!