Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Thanksgiv…er...December!

Happy Thanksgiving.  I had every intention of writing a post about how supremely grateful I am for the many gifts in my life (namely my awesome Husband, my precious girls, my warm house and full belly). It is not lost on me how much I have and how little I am in need.  I was especially overcome with gratitude as I thought about this time last year when we were beginning to navigate a new home study for what we thought would be an international Chinese adoption.  I am so grateful for that little baby snoring in the other room.  She's the best of the best.  She hugs like a snuggly little teddy bear and her laugh is so satisfying only because she's a bit stingy with doling it out.  I am in awe of the gift of Her in our lives.  And I'm thankful.

So I was going to write a post about all of that and more.  It was going to be touching and sentimental and I was going to make you cry.  But then Lila continued what I can now only call a tradition of being sick on Thanksgiving (three of the last four Thanksgivings we've been stricken with fevers and/or vomiting).  Her fever got scary high - 105 at one point - but only lasted a few days.  Thankfully the rest of us didn't seem to catch what she had.  Faith has to stay in the clear for another week so that we don't have to reschedule her surgery.  That would be a very bad thing because we've met our deductible for the year and we'd have to start all over if her surgery got bumped to after Christmas.  Please stay healthy, Faith Baby.  Please?

December is going to be crazy for us.  It's usually crazy what with Christmas and Lila's birthday and my obsession with planning extravagant and ill-advised birthday parties.  But we also have Faith's surgery in the mix, in addition to our first year of cramming in Christmas programs for each of the girls' schools.  Although - confession - I think we might skip Faith's Christmas program.  She is scheduled to shake a rattle for thirty seconds so I don't think she'll be missed and it would relieve my stress immensely to take one thing off of my calendar.

Anyway, if you think of us, please pray for my sanity.  I'm going to really try to avoid being unnecessarily stressed because usually excessive stress equals being mean and impatient with my kids and who wants that during the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

This Friday we have Faith's pre-op appointments.  Then Saturday is Lila's birthday party.  I'm keeping it small this year, but it will still be fun and memorable.  We're having a dress up party and I plan to just let the kids play with our myriad of dress-up clothes, eat pizza and store-bought cupcakes, and do a little craft.  I was debating inviting Lila's little friends from preschool, but whenever I asked her about it she would half-heartedly list the girls and then say, "And Nicholas can come and be the prince and we can take turns dancing with him!"  As much as I'm sure that's Nicholas' idea of a good time, I decided for the sake of our little house to keep the invite list down to our most frequent playmates.  You're welcome, Nicholas.  You owe me, Buddy.

Faith's surgery is scheduled for early-early Tuesday morning.  They'll do the MRI first, then the tube surgery, then the sedated hearing test.  We're told to expect about three hours.  So basically, we'll be home before the time of day when I usually am brushing my teeth.  Lila is going to spend the night at my parents' house Monday night so they can take her to preschool Tuesday morning.  She'll think she's won the lottery with that arrangement and it will be much less stress for me.

We're told Faith should recover quickly from surgery so I'm hopeful that we'll be back to normal by the end of next week.  Then we'll have family over to celebrate Lila's birthday on the 15th and spend her actual birthday (the 16th) with just the four of us doing our birthday traditions of getting birthday donuts and visiting Santa.  The 18th is Lila's Christmas program and my last day of school before the holiday.  Then of course the beautiful chaos of Christmas begins.

So basically what I'm saying is, I'll see ya in 2014.

I might pop back in a few times with quick updates.  I'll for sure give a post-surgery update, but it may be quiet around her for a few weeks.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with the annual tradition of Lila doing weird things with our nativity set - or as she used to call them "Baby Jesus and Those Guys."  (Last year, 2011)

 I can't begin to guess why the wise men are in the fridge.

Nor can I explain why the only occupants of the manger were Mary and a pink play comb.  I'm sure there was a logical explanation.

I also found a shepherd in my chocolate jar.  What? You guys don't have a jar just for your chocolate?  You should.

Remember, our prints are on sale for a limited time.  They'd make a great Christmas gift and support our adoption fund (we're approaching the two-year mark of our wait for our Ethiopia baby! Eek!).

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