Thursday, December 12, 2013


Twelve months ago on the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year of this century, I came home from school and checked my email.

An email had been simmering in my inbox, waiting to change my life.  The words "possible situation" would come to describe my beloved daughter.  The "little girl with Down syndrome" would soon carry the name Faith Margaret.  A name given to her by her two mothers.  Faith, from her First Mama - a hopeful word chosen for a child cherished by the woman who carried and birthed her.  Margaret, meaning "pearl," from her Forever Mommy - a family name symbolizing her full-hearted acceptance into our family; a treasure of a name to proclaim her value.

When I read the words in that email one year ago, I could only hope with whispered breath that she was our baby.  The days and weeks and months that would follow before she was officially in our arms would send me to the end of myself.  The journey to her and with her was and is a sweet one - perhaps because of its bumpiness and uncertainty.  Because the bumps in the road are a reminder to stop and listen for the Shepherd; the unknown bends in the path an opportunity to follow his Voice.

I am grateful - so very grateful - that God chose this story for us.  It is the very best kind of story to be living.

And she IS her name.  She is a gift and a treasure.  She oozes the faithfulness of God.  And I'm so glad I get to be her mommy.

I hope that in twelve years, I am still telling this story.  The story that began on the trio of twelves.  12/12/12.