Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lila's 4th Birthday party

As usual, I am behind with blogging about all of our December adventures.  I've got a post about Faith's surgery, Lila's birthday and Christmas coming.  I'll start today with a post about Lila's party which we had at the beginning of the month.  We like having it early so that there's some time in between before the Christmas craziness hits.  Plus we had Faith's surgery in the mix so it was an extra busy December!

We had a dress-up birthday party for Lila and it was so, so fun!  We kept it smallish and the girls that came were so sweet and cute and they played so well.  It was like a birthday party miracle!  There were no spats or toy-stealing incidents or anything!  I asked my friend's little girls, Sophie and Stella (two former students of mine), to come and help me with Faith and the little craft we did and they did such a great job.  They are in 2nd and 4th grade and their little brother is Lila's betrothed, Jude.  They are so sweet to Lila and they love Faith which warms my mommy heart!  I wish I had taken a picture of them!
Because Faith's surgery was a few days later, I wanted to keep things simple so I planned a little craft, ordered cupcakes from a local cupcake shop, and pizza from one of our favorite pizza places.  The kids played dress-up with our myriad of dress up clothes and I called them aside one at a time to make the princess wands which Stella and Sophie helped me with.  Then we had pizza, cupcakes, opened presents and they played some more.  Everything went so smoothly and Lila had a blast.

I took a few pictures to document the day.  We moved Lila's bed into Faith's room so that her room could be the play area.  We set up the stage that the Husband built for her last year and the girls had a blast!

 Here's a picture I took before the chaos came:

Her room is finally in a place that I'm really happy with.  It took awhile to find the right use of space for everything as we transitioned her to a big girl room.  I should do a room tour one of these days.  Her room is full of special finds and things we've put some love into.

Anyway, back to the birthday party...
I made that birthday banner for her first birthday and just break it out every year.  I think I'll make a new one next year because it's kind of falling apart.  It's scrapbook paper and music pages from an old hymnal.  When I pulled out that table cloth, Lila gasped like it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.  My girl loves pink!  My mother-in-law gave it to me.  It's too small to really fit our table, but it's a fun accent fabric for something like this.

Since Lila's birthday is so close to Christmas, I use that little white Christmas tree as decoration each year.  This year I adorned it with some glittery necklaces that the little girls got to take home as party favors.

I borrowed my mom's little table and chairs and pushed them together with ours to make a longer little table for the girls.  I used paper from our Ikea roll of paper to spread across the tables like a table cloth and wrote Happy Birthday Lila in pink sharpie.
Lila wanted it to be fancy so I put out the place markers with each girl's name on them.
I had a nail-painting station set up and the craft supplies.  We made little princess wands with wooden rods, ribbon, washi tape and sparkly foam stars and crowns.  They turned out so cute and were a hit!  The girls got to pick their wand topper and the color of ribbon they wanted.  Sophie and Stella were so helpful with this!  I'm so glad I asked them to come help!

I could not believe how quietly the girls sat while Lila opened her gifts.  Lila was so hilarious - she wanted to read and examine every card before she got to the gift.  I guess she wanted to savor the moment!

You can see the wand the girls made in the picture below.  That's sweet Ruby-girl looking at the camera.  We miss our weekly Ruby-sitting so much!
Afterwards, the girls went back into Lila's room to play with the gifts.  The disembodied head with the play hair dryer and curling iron from our little neighbor was the favorite gift.  As you can tell from my description, the head creeped me out, but the hair dryer and other accessories were cute!
 Lila's favorite gift was the Belle dress that her friend Jaslen gave her.  She couldn't wait to try it on!

It was such a fun party and the best part was that it took very little planning and effort.  My girl had a great time and all the little ladies played so well together.  

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