Friday, January 10, 2014

Lila's 4th Birthday

I wrote about Lila's birthday party here, but for her actual birthday we spent a fun day together as family.  We have a few fun birthday traditions for her birthday that we were able to mostly adhere to this year.  (Here are the previous two birthdays: 2, 3)

The Husband took the day off and we started the day heading to our favorite donut place for the traditional Birthday Donuts.  Only wah-wah, we forgot that John's Spaceage is closed on Mondays.  So we tried another donut place.  Closed.  Evidently Monday is the Sabbath of the donut industry.  We finally tried a place near the Husband's work and we were thrilled to discover that a) they were open and b) they had the ever-important chocolate glazed donut (I mean, is there any other kind of donut??)
Faith had a poop explosion on the way over and the Husband was tasked with clean-up when there was not a changing table in the bathroom.  Apparently it was an impressive and antibiotic-fueled display of excrement because it took the poor man 20 minutes to clean up.  Unbeknownst to us, the poop had seeped from her diaper and down into her tights so when the Husband pulled her tights off, poop went flying everywhere.  Fortunately (or unfortunately? I'm not really sure) he was changing her in the back of our car so the poop flew onto the parking lot pavement rather than, say, a bathroom wall. (By the way, we had so many explosions during that 10 day antibiotic run that I finally developed a system that worked.  I discovered that if I put her in a disposable diaper with a cloth shell snapped around it, the cloth shell kept the poop contained, but then I could just easily toss the soiled diaper.  So if you find yourself in a similar situation, give it a try!)

Luckily, we had a back-up outfit so we didn't have to go home in between donuts and our next birthday tradition: visiting Santa!  We talked about the other years when Lila was terrified of Santa:
Lila was determined to sit on his lap all by herself this year.  She said, "I'm four now, so I'm not scared and I'm gonna help Faith not be scared."  
This is Lila telling Santa that it was her birthday.
Faith just stared at Santa.  She employs the theory that it's best to keep an eye on suspicious characters.  If she's unsure about you she'll stare you down.
You can tell by the unnatural smile and insecure hand placement that it was mind over matter for the big girl.  It helped that Santa gave her a candy cane - she warms to people who offer her candy.  We're gonna have to drill the Stranger Danger warnings into her hard as she gets older.  Faith…stared some more and there was a disappointing lack of outright terror.  I kind of love the freaked out first picture with Santa.

Bass Pro is our favorite place to visit Santa because it's free (!) and they always have a bunch of other activities to keep you occupied while you wait.  We rode the carousel and this is video that the Husband took makes me laugh till I cry.  Check it out around 7 seconds:

Bahahahaha!  That Lila-girl.  She is such a ham.

We went to lunch at Fritz's - another birthday tradition - or as Lila calls it The Train Restaurant.  I forgot to take pictures, but it was pretty uneventful.  We ate and then we gave Lila her one birthday present from us: a play set of the characters from Frozen and told her that the other present was going to see the movie in the theater!  The Husband's mom watched Faith while we took our big girl to see her first Disney movie in the theater.  She was so excited!

There was a preview before the movie that was a little intense so I asked Lila if she was scared.  "No, I'm four so I can handle it."
The movie was AWESOME.  I immediately wanted to see it again and Lila has been singing the songs non-stop.

It was a fun, fun birthday and I was glad to do some fun things together to make our girl feel special, but keep it low-key since December is so full of activity and presents!  I think I will forever be trying to find the balance between making Lila feel special and loved on her birthday and keeping her from getting spoiled rotten and turning into a bratty kid who expects a present every day for the month of December!

Happy Birthday, my big Four Year Old!  We love you!

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