Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lila's Preschool Christmas Program

Lila's Christmas program for her preschool was the week before Christmas.  It had the usual cast of characters that these sorts of things have:

From left to right: Funky Mama (music teacher), Kid who is about to cry, Nicholas - Lila's boyfriend, Lila, Naughty Angel, Mary, Kid whose costume (a star) hilariously impairs his ability to move

The music teacher is also a local children's musician, Funky Mama.  Lila ADORES her.  She put together a darling and perfectly imperfect program for our kids.  The kids were painfully cute.  There was crying, there was jumping, there was obsessive and continuous waving, there was pushing and forgetting of lines.  It was perfect.  

When my sister and I were little, my dad had a habit of finding the kid who was picking his nose or messing with his neighbor and zeroing in on that kid with his video camera during our school programs.  Thus, our home videos often have just a few minutes of us performing and several minutes of some random kid we didn't know being naughty.  The naughty kid is my favorite.  This program had a naughty angel who kept turning around and whacking other kids with her wings.  She danced at the wrong times and sang loudly when it wasn't her turn, but she was loving every minute of it.

Here they are in action:

Lila, of course, thrived with an audience.  She loves being the center of attention.  She did not inherit that trait from her introverted parents.  Aunt Jess?  Nanny?  I think those are your genes at work!

The best part was sitting next to my grandma who, with her dear friend, started the preschool program 48 years ago.  It was so fun to be with her as she enjoyed the legacy she helped create.  She was literally on the edge of her seat.

We love everything about Lila's preschool and are so grateful to have a loving environment with teachers who are so good at what they do and who pray for and love our kids.  Next year, we will come prepared with our phones backed up and cleared of unnecessary date so we can record more of the cuteness!

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