Friday, March 21, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day

Today, March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day.  Down syndrome is caused by a complete or partial third copy of the 21st chromosome which is why today - 3/21 - has been designated to celebrate the wonderful people in the world who were created with a bonus 21st chromosome.

So today we are celebrating our own little awesome kid and thanking God for his creativity in design and the blessing of Faith in our lives.

She's a spitfire, that one.  We had to switch physical therapists recently because of some scheduling changes and her new therapist commented that she is stubborn and then said, "We can work with stubborn!" Ha.  Let's hope so!

I love that Faith-baby so much it hurts me.

I did a quick Google search for "down syndrome" and the video I shared yesterday came up.  What made me sad was that a lot of the descriptions of the video made a reference to people "suffering" with Down syndrome.  Which was, I thought, the EXACT OPPOSITE point the video made.  Down syndrome is not something that Faith suffers through.  I suppose you could say she suffers through it the way I suffer through my inability to be on time or my self-criticism.  There are ways that we are all wired that make certain things harder for us than for others.  And on the flip side, we each have been given gifts and abilities that are unique to us.  Faith is no exception.

As I said yesterday, my deepest hope is that Faith's life re-teaches the world that Down syndrome is no tragedy.  Sure, there are things about it that make life more challenging, but in the words of one of the wise men in the video, "isn't that true of everyone?"

Spend one day, one hour, one minute with Faith and the last word on your lips will be suffering.  She is joyful and happy.  She is creative and persistent.  She is beautiful and smart.  She is perfectly and wonderfully made.

She is my daughter.  And I would choose her again and again.

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jordanne said...

I got a tshirt! And I want to wear it and have my picture taken with baby faith. And my brothers. I love how much you love Faith!