Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10 Mini-stories: Lila Edition

I have a few Lila stories that don't warrant an entire post, but that are too good not to tell:

1. Faith was in the cart at Target and Lila touched her toes and said to me, "Is this baby named Faith?"

"Yes," I said, shaking my head at her constant dramatic play.

"Oh!  She'll be perfect for my collection of babies named Faith!"

For her collection.  Her collection of babies.  Her collection of babies name Faith.  What a weirdo.

2. Lila started a ballet class on Fridays.  The class starts at 11:00am.  The first week of class I found her dressed and ready to go at 8:30am.  When I told her she had about three more hours to wait until class she said, in an exasperated voice, "Really?"
at 8:30am
2.5 hours later right before class
3. The Husband told Lila that she is now four and three quarters.  So now she corrects me when I say she's four or four and a half.  Four and three quarters, Mommy.  To which I say: Stop. Growing. Up.

4. Lila read me a whole book this weekend.  The Foot Book.  I mean, I helped her, but Sister sounded out words with enough fluency that she could follow the story and she stuck with it and she was proud.  I was proud.  I think the biggest challenge for her in school will be her impatience.  She picks things up so quickly, but if it's even remotely challenging she gets bored and/or frustrated.  Good luck, Lila's Future Teachers!

5. Lila gets all squealy and high-pitched when she's excited about something Faith is doing.  She's Faith's biggest and best cheerleader.  Today I caught her "helping" Faith walk across the family room.  "She's WALKING!" she squealed.

5. I watched my friend's little girl today.  I was taking pictures of cutie-pie Iris to send to her mommy when Faith climbed on my lap and stuck her crazy-haired head in front of the camera:

Then, in my periphery I saw Lila scoot over a few feet and when I looked up she was posing for the camera:

She's a ham.

6. Going through old photos I found this one from when we were still living with my parents:

The Husband had been writing inappropriate things with the magnet letters on my parents' fridge and when Lila saw this one morning she said, with disgust, "Hey! Who put an extra 'o' in Pop's name!"  Now that she can read, she'll get the joke.

7. There's not really a story for this one, but I love this picture I took of Lila and my sister.  Aunt Jess to the rescue with pink nail polish.  I have a disappointing lack of nail polish for my four year old (four and three quarters, mom).  By which I mean I have one bottle of nearly invisible light pink that has separated permanently and is unusable.  Aunt Jess will have to be the one to teach my girls how to apply make-up and do their hair because this mama never learned how to be a girl.

Um ^^^ those undies ^^^ sicking out of her leotard SLAY me 
8. Lila has a few really good friends.  God has been gracious to give her buddies who have a similar energy, personality, spunk and love for princesses.  Jazzy is one of those gal-pals.  I love this picture because when we picked Jazz up to play one day after her brother had heart surgery, the girls insisted that I move both carseats in the back so they could sit next to each other and hold hands.  They giggled the entire way home.  There is no better sound than little girls' giggles.

9. Lila's preschool class has a stuffed bunny named Todd who gets to go home with a student every weekend.  Lila's turn was a few weeks ago.  I was going to take pictures of all the things we did with Todd, but when she insisted that Todd be a participant in every. single. thing. she did that weekend, I gave up after only two activities.
She taught him how to play Candy Land and somehow he won.
She took him outside to play on the swing set.  Todd told me he didn't mind that we only had a pink swing.  He's a very agreeable bunny.
10. Some recent art of Lila's:
At preschool

At preschool

My mother-in-law gave Faith a darling book that has a different emotion on each page with an illustration of a fish expressing that emotion.  Lila has taken to doing her own versions of the illustrations and it is THE CUTEST.

Art activity from first day of school - they decorated their person with the outfit they were wearing.   Also, WHY does my child look 8 years old in that picture?!

This currently holds the top spot on my list of favorite drawings she's done.  The sleeves are my very, very favorite.

Drawing with Pop
Stay tuned for Faith's mini-stories!

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