Sunday, November 2, 2014

10 Mini-stories: Faith edition

A few weeks ago, I gave you a few Lila stories that weren't quite long enough to warrant their own post, but that I still wanted to document.  Now it's the Faith edition!  Here we go!

1. Faith likes to people watch out the window when she's eating.  The neighbors across the street were having people over and she was intrigued.

Caught me taking the picture

How's this, Mom?
2. Faith has a bunch of new signs!  It's so exciting when she breaks out a new one and she's so proud of herself when she communicated something effectively.  Her latest signs go along with songs we've been singing in her therapy.  I need to get a video of her doing them to capture the absolute cuteness involved.  New signs include: apple, turtle, fish, yummy, up high, down, off and...poop.  Her favorite sign is still "All Done!" and she says, "Ahhh- duh-duh-duh!" with enthusiasm as she signs.

3. Faith and I had a selfie photo shoot while we were waiting in the car for Daddy and Lila to pick up something from Home Depot.  She thinks she's really cute.  So do I.

Hey Mom, here's my sock!

4. Our friends handed down the cutest little pea coat.  I think Faith looks so gorgeous in bright colors.  When the Husband put the hat on her I nearly fell down from the cuteness:

5. Faith loves to hug.  Sometimes her victims recipients are less than enthused about her hug attacks.  We stopped in for a quick visit with my friend Molly and her little guy who tolerated Faith's affections like a gentleman.  Even when they bordered on strangulation.

6. We had a birthday party for Faith.  I am wracked with guilt at the lameness of her parties so far compared the extravagance of Lila's.  But all this mama could muster in this season was pizza on the deck, store-bought cupcakes and a borrowed bouncy house.  Next year (when she is actually old enough to care and notice) I'll get my act together and plan a crazy party for her, too.  Although, let's get real, as long as there's dessert involved, she's happy:

7. Faith took 9 steps today!  A new record!  She was walking toward Lila so maybe all that "help" her big sis was giving her actually paid off!  She looks like a little Chinese Frankenstein, all stiff-legged and wobbly.

8. Faith used to be completely indiscriminate about what she ate.  She'd eat anything - ANYTHING - we put in front of here.  Sadly, those days have passed.  She's still a remarkably great eater, but sometimes she surprises me with what gets rejected.  Tonight she dramatically spit out the bite of chicken taco I gave her.  If I put eggs on her tray, she doesn't even try them - she just throws them off her tray immediately.  She will however eat things off the floor that she previously rejected.  It's not my favorite quirk of hers, I'll be honest.

9.  This is the reality of Faith's life:

It's all love.  And ham-tastic hamminess.

10. We went to the pumpkin patch and Faith played checkers with pumpkins.  It was pretty much the only thing the non-walking people could do while their big sisters jumped off of giant piles of hay and made their mommies nervous with their reckless acrobatics.  This sort of safe pumpkin observation is more my jam.  Atta girl, Faith.

She is getting stronger and smarter and cuter every day.  I'm one lucky mama.  Love that Faith-baby!

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