Monday, June 8, 2015

Counting down the days

Summer has begun and that means glorious days of no agenda, no driving across the state for various school and therapy classes, no cramming things into our schedule.

But it's also the beginning of the incessant questioning from my oldest girl.  "Mommy? What are we doing today/tomorrow/the next day/the third Friday in September?"

She's an extrovert so her idea of a good time is in stark contrast to her introvert mama's desire to just stay home all day every day and read.  So, I've done my best to schedule in some social time that will keep her happy and not sap whatever meager amount of energy I have left over from chasing Faith around and growing a small human.  Also, I printed off this weekly calendar and fill it in every week so that when she asks me what we're doing I can say, "Go look at the calendar."

Lila has been dying to go to a Royals game this year.  She asks every day if we are still in first place and if we will go to the "Royals Series." (that's what she thinks the World Series is called, bless her.) So when I got an email last week from Faith's therapy school that they had been given a bunch of tickets to an upcoming game, I jumped on the chance for free tickets!  So now, the daily countdown has begun.

Every Day:
Lila: How many more days until the Royals game?
Me: 13
(ten minutes later)
Lila: Mommy, how many more days until the Royals game?
Me: I just told you ten minutes ago.
Lila: I know, but I forgot!
Me: 13
(5 minutes later)
Lila: Mommy, how many...
Me: (interrupting) Lila, in baseball, the batter gets three tries to hit the ball and if he misses it's called strike.  Once he gets three strikes he's out.  This is the third time you've asked me today, so this is your third strike.  I'll tell you this one more time today, but if you can't remember, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to ask me again, okay?
Lila: Okay.
Me: 13 more days until we go to the game.
(ten minutes later)
Lila: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
Lila: I know you said I was on my third strike...
Me: Yes.
Lila: But...
Me: Lila.
Lila: Oh I remember!  13 days!
Me: (SIGH)

After a daily repeat of this conversation, I wised up and added a countdown to her weekly What Are We Doing Today Calendar:

Lila: Mommy?  How many more days...
Me: Go look at the calendar.


We are also counting down the days until my due date.  I am daily more and more uncomfortable, and now that the heat and humidity are in full force and my feet have swollen to three times their normal size, I mostly just whine and moan all day.  Lila has started asking us if her feet look swollen (monkey see, monkey do) and Faith is really frustrated that there's no room for her on my lap anymore when she wants to read books.

I'm still holding out hope that I won't go all the way to my due date.  I'm a week away from technically being full term so it's getting to the point where I sort of welcome any signs that things might be moving toward labor.  I downloaded a contraction-timing app on my phone and the other day I got to break it in as I was having a few more painful contractions.  Well, I thought they were contractions, but it turns out my skirt was just too tight on my tummy.  The contractions were miraculously cured when I pulled my skirt up over my belly. (insert red-cheeked emoji)

They say misery loves company and I have to agree.  I have taken to texting near-daily photos of my feet to my family for some commiseration.

As I'm getting closer to meeting this little one, I've been thinking about the last 8 months and all they have brought us to and through.  I was remembering our excitement and disbelief when we first found out that we were pregnant and I realized I never posted the video of us telling Lila.  She was just starting to read so I wrote out a message for her to read out loud and her reaction is priceless.

Don't you love how her first reaction is "I have to tell my friends!"? Extrovert.

She has been so excited from the beginning.  Never once has she complained about me not being as available to her during this pregnancy.  Her biggest complaint is that it's taking too long for her sister to be here!  After we told her, she ran up to her room and wrote me this note which is now hanging on my closet door:

 Translation: Lila Mommy I am so happy that we got a new baby but I am so excited

She's the best, am I right?

Baby Girl, come out soon and meet the two best big sisters a girl could hope for.  We all are so anxious to hold you in our arms!  We are counting down the days!


Sarah B said...

Hi Friend! You have been on my mind and heart lately. I loved this video you shared! So, so sweet. I will be praying for you as you count down the days. Hang in there! Cant wait to meet your newest little one!

halley said...

well that video was just about the cutest thing ever!