Monday, July 27, 2015

Our littlest daughter is here!

Introducing Beatrix Sonnet Kautzi:

Fashionably late, she missed her due date by 13 minutes.  She was born July 17, 2015 at 12:13am after a crazy fast labor.  She was 19" long and 8 lbs 13 oz (a full pound heavier than her biggest sister!) and had a full head of curly (!?) hair and crooked pinkies like her mommy.  

We've had a bit of excitement in her first ten days on the outside.  Because her labor was so fast, she didn't have time to clear her lungs well enough and earned herself a trip to the NICU due to fluid on her lungs and a high respiratory rate.  She ended up spending five days in NICU - the first three days on IV fluids and antibiotics and the last two under the Bili lights when her bilirubin levels shot up on day 3.

It definitely wasn't the beginning we hoped for, but we are so grateful that she is healthy and home now.  I have a new empathy for families whose little ones spend even an hour in NICU.  Nothing is more frustrating and heartbreaking than seeing your new baby hooked up to wires and being told you can't hold her.  

The big sisters did so well - even with a few extra unexpected days at my parents' house.  Lila is over the moon and Faith wavers between genuine interest, ambivalence and wary concern about the new (loud) person who has taken over youngest child duties in her place.  

I plan on writing a post about her birth story and one explaining the meaning behind her name, but I didn't want one more day to go by without introducing her to you!

So here she is, our sweet little Beatrix:

She's absolutely dreamy and we are in love.

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Katy said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I love all that hair!