Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Recap: Part 1

Hello out there! Let's just pretend like I haven't been silent for the last year, ok? Here's what we've been up to:

December 2015:
The Husband got a new (awesome) job that he still loves a year later, and I love and we all love because a happy husband makes a happy family!  He gets to do things he loves and is good at and he is valued and appreciated for it.  And it's flexible enough that he can help cover bases for our life of appointments for our Faithy-girl.

Lila turned 6 and we celebrated with a few of her sweet friends at a painting place where they painted ornaments.

 Oh yeah, and Christmas!
Look at those little tiny chubby faces!
Lila lost her first tooth (and then several more!), Faith had a sleep study to confirm her sleep apnea, and she got her first pair of orthotics (to stabilize her ankles). And consequently we met our out of pocket maximum in record time!

This happened to Beatrix when I took a shower.  Poor third child.

Me: Lila, she could choke on those! Lila: But she likes it!
And this has nothing to do with anything, it just cracks me up.

We enjoyed some rare warmer days (Faith and Lila did, at least.  Bea and I enjoyed them from inside the house!)

 Beatrix attached herself to her "Nuh-Nuh" (stuffed bunny) and has slept with it ever since.

Faith and I became famous (sort of) when we were featured with her physical therapist on the front of the brochure for Faith's therapy school.

March was crazy!  My little nephew, Bowen, was born a month early and I'd never been so happy to be awake at 5:30am!

My Nanny (my mom's mom) moved from Minneapolis to live with my parents, and I took on some care-giving duties on the days my mom worked.  My kids got to spend lots of fun time with her which was totally worth the sweat and stress of caring for my kids, schooling Lila and caring for a 90-year-old with dementia and Alzheimers!

Lila and Faith had their tonsils and adenoids removed.  My house looked like this for two weeks:

It was two weeks of misery, but we survived and now Faith doesn't fall asleep sitting up (which was pretty creepy) and Lila doesn't snore like a grown man!

I turned 33 and celebrated by taking selfies with the cutest baby ever.

We spent more days with Nanny (making silly faces).

We saw "Where the Wild Things Are" at the Coterie (the local Children's Theatre) and it was awesome!

To celebrate surviving our first year of home schooling, we got to go the Royal's game!

Faith's birthparents and biological sister came over for dinner.

We stayed with Nanny for a week at my parents' house so that they could go on vacation to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday.
My Nanny had a funny sense of humor so sometimes it was a little hard to tell whether she was being silly or just confused!
Faith and Nanny had a special bond.
In her natural habitat.
Lila basically lived in the little pool that whole week!
We all got new glasses!  After having pink eye 4 times last year, I decided I needed to replace my 12 year old glasses with an updated prescription!  Lila's glasses finally broke and Faith got glasses for the first time!
I didn't think it was possible for her cuteness to reach new levels and then she got glasses!
Lila nearly ran out of teeth at the rate they were falling out this summer!

Lila had a very lucrative lemonade stand thanks to some sweet neighbors who were generous tippers!

More Nanny adventures!

July-December coming up in Part 2!


Colleen said...

Love this!! I think kids in glasses is the cutest, so I share your same sentiment about Faith getting even cuter with her glasses!

Jessica Blake said...

I came to my long-forgotten blog to post a recap of 2016 and saw you had updated your long-forgotten blog! (which still doesn't have Be a including in your header ;)). My favorite was all the Nanny pictures! Namely, "in her natural habitat" <3

Totschies said...

Such a fun thing to read this morning, love you guys!