Monday, February 6, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017

We celebrated Chinese New Year at Faith's birth parents' restaurant.  This was our 2nd CNY rodeo and let me tell you, it was no less of an adventure than the last one!  I ate things.  I don't know what they were, but I ate them.  I ate parts of things that I think I wasn't supposed to eat.  I ate things that I didn't know how to eat and had to have First Mama show me how to get to the meat.  Folks, I am proof that there's hope for the picky eater!
Fish balls, crab legs, crawdads, fried hard-boiled eggs, dumplings and many unidentifiable things!
Faith's birth grandma plopped several crawdads onto my plate.  I've never eaten so many things with so many legs and eyes.  My dad said, "Only out of your deep love for them would you eat those things!"  Truer words were never spoken!

Lila bravely endured First Mama filling her plate with things.  She kept looking at me desperately for help.  I told her that I didn't like much of it either, but that I was doing my best.  This seemed to surprise her and she tried the tiniest little bite of fish ball.  Then, First Baba took pity on her and made her Chicken Lo Mein (aka, AMERICAN Chinese food!) and she was a happy camper!

Faith, on the other hand, was in heaven.  She LOVES true Chinese food.  I joked that her tongue is the most Chinese thing about her.  She ate everything First Mama put in front of her and then pointed to things on my plate, which I was all too happy to share with her!
 Hi, First Mama!  She waved when she saw me taking a picture!
Faith's birth mom stood up at the beginning of dinner and, indicating us said, "This is my very good family," and then indicated the rest of the table, "these are my very good friends."  The Husband and I ask each other all the time, "Did you ever think you would have a Chinese family!?" Our life is so wonderfully weird.

 These are the shelves behind the register at their restaurant.  The three framed pictures are all our family.  One of Lila and Faith, one of the four of us (I was pregnant with Bea), and one of all of us from Thanksgiving.  Their family.  We adopted their daughter and they adopted us!

Back row: My dad, Faith, Lila, Eric, Beatrix, Me
Front row: First Baba (birth father), Birth Grandma, First Mama and Birth Sister
Beatrix says, "Mom, it's 2 hours past my bedtime. This is not the time for pictures!"

And then the kids formed a parade.  It was...loud.

Chinese New Year is their Christmas - their most important holiday.  First Mama is the queen of gathering friends and making them family.  The group that came to the celebration included friends from their ESL class, guys who work in their kitchen (and their brave girlfriends!), the ladies who work in the Chinese food department at the HyVee next door, several families who are regulars at their restaurant, and us - their adopted family.  I learn so much from them about how to draw a wider circle of community.  They love us and welcome us with open arms.  They accept us in all of our different-than-them tastes and looks and habits and customs.  They call us family and invite us into their most important days.  I hope I become more and more like them!

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Love. Love. Love it all!!! Thanks so much for sharing! I would also have been terrified to eat all that!