The first picture we saw of Faith
On December 12, 2012 we received an email from our home study agency asking us if we would like to be considered for the adoption of a baby girl with Down's syndrome.  We said, "yes."  This is that story:

The Voice

If it's not good yet, he's not done.


Down's syndrome

I want to say YES

It's complicated


A decision

What's next and FAQs

Life, love and happiness

The wait was so hard.  We endured a period of two months during which we didn't hear anything from Faith's birth family.  We began to lose hope that the adoption would happen.  These are the posts I wrote during the wait:

On forgetting and remembering

That reckless ocean

Some thoughts on adoption

Then, on March 23, 2013 we received an email saying that we could come pick up our new daughter!  This is the story of that week:

Things are happening!

We'd like you to meet...

Getting our girl: Part 1

Getting our girl: Part 2

Getting our girl: Part 3

Getting our girl: Part 4

Getting our girl: Part 5

I took a six month break between parts 3 and 4 and still haven't finished telling the story of our first week with Faith.  Someday...

Meeting our girl
A few posts just for or about Faith:


Thoughts on Mother's Day: Dear Faith

A Letter to My Littler Daughter: Year One (first birthday, six months home)


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